The Ultimate Winter Hat – Trapper Hats

Summer seems a distant memory with our store already packed full of winter hats. The brightly coloured sun hats, linen caps & straw trilby hats have all gone and now beanie hats, felt hats & knitted hats are filling our shelves. This season the trapper hat is certain to be one of the most sought after styles once again this winter. It is certainly one of the most practical and warm styles currently on the market. This hat is effectively two hats moulded into to one offering great value for money. It can be worn as the classic trapper with the ear flaps down or by securing the ear flaps on top of the hat you can create the Cossack style.

We have found over the last few years the majority of people who purchase trappers favour weather resistant versions. The wool and cotton trappers offer very little resistance to the elements and tend to just be for fashion use. We stock a mixture of waxes and leathers for the bulk of our trapper range giving the wearer the added bonus of water resistance as well as the warmth of the hat. Most trappers that are manufactured in the higher quality materials such as wax and leather trapper hats are trimmed in real fur, usually rabbit fur. Of course we do offer faux fur versions in some pre-treated materials such as nylon which still offer a certain level of weather protection.

We believe that a trapper should offer a complete practical purpose just as a sun at should offer high levels of sun protection. If you are caught out in the rain or snow, your trapper will be of no use to you soaking wet, this is something many people overlook when buying their winter hat. The trapper is really a perfect all rounder which has also become a very fashionable hat over the last few years.

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