How to Prolong the Life of Your Hat

Correct handling, cleaning & storage can certainly prolong the life of any hat. The cleaning methods can vary depending on the material of your hat for example cleaning a straw usually requires a damp cloth but a hat brush is best used with a felt. We will go more into cleaning later on. One thing that isn’t affected by the material type is how you handle your hat.
Although perhaps mishandling would be damaging to a straw hat due to the delicate nature of the material the following guide should be used on all hats. Nine out of ten people naturally pick up a hat by pinching the crown at the front. We all do it but it really is something you must avoid doing. Even the cleanest fingers contain natural oils which will be transferred to your hat when you pick it up. Obviously you are not going to avoid this as you will have to pick up your hat if you intend on wearing it. You must remember and particularly in the case of straw hats the front of the crown where you normally pinch the hat to put it on is the most delicate area! With repeated pinching not only will it cause any hat to become increasingly misshapen but with straw the oils/dirt transferred will lead over time to the straw becoming brittle and then the inevitable cracking can occur. Picking your hat up by the brim and when possible underneath the brim is by far the best way to handle it. The following reasons explain why;
Firstly the brim is a relatively inconspicuous area unlike the front of the crown.
Secondly the brim is considerably easier to clean.
Lastly reshaping the brim is by far the easiest area to manipulate if required.
Overtime it’s very likely your hat will collect dust or unfortunately incidents that could lead to marking. Cleaning your hat with a soft bristled hat brush in a clockwise motion will remove any dust or light markings. The next method for perhaps more stubborn marks is steam from a kettle. This is also fantastic if your hat has become slightly misshapen. Simply hold the affected area in the jet of steam for around 20-30 seconds. You then manipulate the area if reshaping is required or brush/ wipe if cleaning is needed. Please be extra cautious if you are using steam. We would always advise contacting us before adding any cleaning products to your hat. However if you do it’s always best to apply to an area perhaps under the brim for example.
When your hat is not being worn for substantial periods, such as straw hats during the winter months it’s a good idea to store it in a hat box. Always stuff the hat with something like tissue paper to help raise the brim off the flat surface otherwise your brim will retain the shape of how it’s been stored.
We hope this advice will help you look after your hat. If you look after your hat correctly it will last considerably longer. We have more in depth hat care help on our website if you require further information

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