Hats in the Limelight

In recent years the popularity of hats has surged. This is partly thanks to the many famous faces seen or photographed wearing a great variety of styles. Below we have some pictures of the celebrities we get asked by customers what cap is he/she wearing! We have also added in a couple of famous faces that have made the news recently for their quirky style of headwear.

David Beckham is rarely seen without a cap on his head. He particularly seems to favour the newsboy cap, both the classic eight panel cap and the oversized version. He also famed the trucker baseball cap, it differs slightly to a regular baseball cap due to front panels being stiffened and higher.

How to Prolong the Life of Your Hat

Correct handling, cleaning & storage can certainly prolong the life of any hat. The cleaning methods can vary depending on the material of your hat for example cleaning a straw usually requires a damp cloth but a hat brush is best used with a felt. We will go more into cleaning later on. One thing that isn’t affected by the material type is how you handle your hat.