Our Cap of the Week – The Hatteras is on Top Again

The Practical and Stylish Stetson Hatteras ‘Old’ Cotton Newsboy Cap

This fantastic newsboy cap from Stetson is made from a cotton/polyester blend. This unique material was introduced by Stetson for the first time early last year. They have produced a range of affordable hats and caps from this diverse combination of materials. The designs amongst our Hatteras newsboy cap include several hats, a couple of flat cap shapes and a very popular military style called Datto.

The shape of this newsboy cap is known as the hatteras. The shape is very popular for both Stetson and us. It is like every other newsboy cap made from 8 panels with a button on the top. However the design of this cap just makes it stand out from the rest. Stetson has mastered the fit, gather, overhang, peak and depth of the cap. Often other hat manufactures try desperately to copy the shape but fail, there is only one hatteras.

The material was introduced for the summer range due to its great sun protection benefits. Our previous blog post talks about Polyester’s great natural resistance to UV rays. This cap carries a UPF certified rating of 40+ which offers a great level of protection from the sun. However we sell the Hatteras Old Cotton Cap all year round. Although it is made from cotton and polyester the dark colours combined with a fantastic distressed look give the appearance of a waxed or leather finish. This superb cap can be worn all year round; it’s very stylish and offers the practical aspect of sun protection during the summer months. It’s available at an affordable price of £59.99 which for a cap you can wear all year round is excellent value for money. One of our all time bestsellers and only in its second year!

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