How to Prolong the Life of Your Hat

Correct handling, cleaning & storage can certainly prolong the life of any hat. The cleaning methods can vary depending on the material of your hat for example cleaning a straw usually requires a damp cloth but a hat brush is best used with a felt. We will go more into cleaning later on. One thing that isn’t affected by the material type is how you handle your hat.

Our Cap of the Week – The Hatteras is on Top Again

The Practical and Stylish Stetson Hatteras ‘Old’ Cotton Newsboy Cap

This fantastic newsboy cap from Stetson is made from a cotton/polyester blend. This unique material was introduced by Stetson for the first time early last year. They have produced a range of affordable hats and caps from this diverse combination of materials. The designs amongst our Hatteras newsboy cap include several hats, a couple of flat cap shapes and a very popular military style called Datto.