Hats in the Limelight

In recent years the popularity of hats has surged. This is partly thanks to the many famous faces seen or photographed wearing a great variety of styles. Below we have some pictures of the celebrities we get asked by customers what cap is he/she wearing! We have also added in a couple of famous faces that have made the news recently for their quirky style of headwear.

David Beckham is rarely seen without a cap on his head. He particularly seems to favour the newsboy cap, both the classic eight panel cap and the oversized version. He also famed the trucker baseball cap, it differs slightly to a regular baseball cap due to front panels being stiffened and higher.

The Ultimate Winter Hat – Trapper Hats

Summer seems a distant memory with our store already packed full of winter hats. The brightly coloured sun hats, linen caps & straw trilby hats have all gone and now beanie hats, felt hats & knitted hats are filling our shelves. This season the trapper hat is certain to be one of the most sought after styles once again this winter. It is certainly one of the most practical and warm styles currently on the market. This hat is effectively two hats moulded into to one offering great value for money. It can be worn as the classic trapper with the ear flaps down or by securing the ear flaps on top of the hat you can create the Cossack style.

How to Prolong the Life of Your Hat

Correct handling, cleaning & storage can certainly prolong the life of any hat. The cleaning methods can vary depending on the material of your hat for example cleaning a straw usually requires a damp cloth but a hat brush is best used with a felt. We will go more into cleaning later on. One thing that isn’t affected by the material type is how you handle your hat.

Our Cap of the Week – The Hatteras is on Top Again

The Practical and Stylish Stetson Hatteras ‘Old’ Cotton Newsboy Cap

This fantastic newsboy cap from Stetson is made from a cotton/polyester blend. This unique material was introduced by Stetson for the first time early last year. They have produced a range of affordable hats and caps from this diverse combination of materials. The designs amongst our Hatteras newsboy cap include several hats, a couple of flat cap shapes and a very popular military style called Datto.

Why you Need to Wear a Hat This Summer

August, the last month of summer is already upon us and the long awaited summer holidays are looming large. After a mixed start to the summer the weather has certainly turned itself around throughout July. This blog post is just a gentle reminder with a bit of information about the dangers of the sun and preventing skin cancer. We are all made aware of how important it is to protect ourselves from the suns harmful rays and you can do this in many ways: